Jokes about Monkeys

Monkeys, those playful and mischievous creatures, have been fascinating and amusing for generations. In this article, we present a collection of 28 jokes about monkeys that will have you laughing like a barrel of bananas. From clever puns to silly one-liners, these jokes celebrate the antics and humor that monkeys bring to our lives. So get ready to go on a laughter-filled adventure as we explore this delightful collection of monkey-themed jokes!

28 Jokes about Monkeys:

1. What do monkeys wear at the beach? Banana hammocks!

2. Why did the monkey bring a ladder to the bar? It heard the drinks were on the house!

3. How do monkeys make phone calls? They use gorilla-grams!

4. What’s a monkey’s favorite cookie? Chocolate chimp!

5. How do monkeys get down the stairs? They slide down the banana-ster!

6. What do you call a monkey that loves Doritos? A chip-chimpanzee!

7. Why did the monkey like to play cards in the jungle? Because there were too many cheetahs in the casinos!

8. What do you call a monkey that loves to take naps? A snooze-er primate!

9. Why did the monkey bring a ladder to the orchard? To reach the highest hanging bananas!

10. What’s a monkey’s favorite type of music? Jungle boogie!

11. How do monkeys make toast? They put it under the gorilla-ter!

12. What did the monkey say when it caught its tail on fire? “This is bananas!”

13. Why did the monkey bring a suitcase to the zoo? It wanted to pack its trunk!

14. What’s a monkey’s favorite dessert? Banana split!

15. How do monkeys eat their sandwiches? With ape-tizers!

16. Why did the monkey bring a ladder to the art gallery? It wanted to climb up the “ape”-strairs!

17. What did the banana say to the monkey? “You’re a-peeling!”

18. How do monkeys greet each other in the morning? “Ape”-ricot, it’s a beautiful day!

19. Why did the monkey go to school? To improve its “ape”-titude!

20. What did the monkey say to the lion? “You’re just a big cat with a bad hair day!”

21. How do monkeys communicate in the rainforest? With jungle drums!

22. What do you call a monkey that loves to jump on trampolines? A bouncin’ primate!

23. Why don’t monkeys ever play cards in the wild? There are too many cheetahs!

24. What did the monkey say when it won a race? “I’m the champ-chimp!”

25. How do monkeys get around the jungle? They swing by the “vine” line!

26. Why did the monkey bring a ladder to the library? It wanted to reach the highest shelf for banana books!

27. What do you call a monkey with a banana in each ear? Anything you want—it can’t hear you!

28. How do monkeys get their exercise? They do “ape”-robics!

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